Arkansas Follows National Trend and Allows Telemedicine to Establish Physician-Patient Relationship


The Arkansas Board of Medicine has finally joined the ranks of every other medical board in the country to allow a physician to use telemedicine to establish a relationship with a patient.  Effective immediately, newly approved regulations outline a “proper physician-patient relationship” to include “a face-to-face examination using real time audio and visual telemedicine technology that provides information at least equal to such information as would have been obtained by an in-person examination.”  
The Medical Board also assumes the licensing regulatory responsibilities for other allied health professions, including Occupational Therapists, Respiratory Therapists, Physician Assistants and Radiologist Assistants.  Yet, there is no indication from the Medical Board that they will pursue additional regulations permitting the use of telehealth for these health professionals.
The Board will convene on October 6th to discuss another set of proposed regulations establishing a telemedicine standard of care for physicians.