American Telemedicine Establishes Telehealth Command Center in North Pole


WASHINGTON, DC – In response to a special letter addressed from Kris Kringle, dba Santa Claus, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) is installing a one-of-a-kind Telehealth Command Center at the North Pole.  Sub-freezing temperature, harsh terrain, and growing inertia were reasons cited for moving the 1,750 year old Kris Kringle, family and elves to a remote monitoring, 24/7-based healthcare delivery system.

“133 pounds and 100 years ago Santa Claus treated extraneous, arduous journeys to the doctor as part of his workout routine,” said Mrs. Claus.  “Now that my husband spends most mornings in traction recovering from ‘excessive egg nog’ the night before, life now is about making things easier and more affordable.”  Fred Keebler, head of manufacturing at the workshop and no relation to the Keebler tree elves, stated that the new system will also help treat a “certain employer” with chronic, healthcare issues such as obesity, sleep apnea, hypertension and early-stage diabetes.  In response to Mr. Keebler, Mr. Claus could only confirm that he loved cookies.

Not having to put added mileage on the sleigh and reindeer, in ever-increasing visitation requirements to the doctor, should also save the sleigh and reindeer another twenty years as well as providing the elves an important employee benefit.

ATA CEO Jonathan Linkous – elated to have assisted his childhood hero to sleep soundly and stop fretting about 20th century healthcare issues – chimed in “Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!” 



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